good recycling habitsRecycling can be beneficial to your finances and it can help save the planet at the same time. Many people believe that recycling is not cost effective, but the truth is that you can recycle daily and save money at the same time. This type of recycling is more than taking in scrap metals and receiving monetary value in return. The recycling you can do everyday in your home is simple little changes to your lifestyle. Something that everyone can do and it creates an impact on the environment.

Having a get together at your place is nothing but fun. Inviting family and friends to your home for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. Of course, sometimes having everyone over can get expensive. It is much easier to use plastic cups, plates and silverware as you can toss them when you are done, but it becomes costly depending on how often you entertain at your home. Plus the extra plastic is harmful to the environment. Instead of disposing all the plastic, put it in your dishwasher and use it again next time. Simple as that, you can save money and help the environment.

Drinking water is important for daily living. Although where you live determines the taste of your water. Some cities are luck enough to have fresh tasting water. For the rest of us, we end up having to drink tap water that tastes like minerals, bleach or other nasty after tastes. You might have opted out of drinking tap water by buying bottled water. Now that becomes a lot of plastic you throw away everyday. And even though recycling those bottles does help the environment, there is a better way to save money, help the planet and have good tasting water. Purchase a washable water bottle and get a purifier that attaches to your kitchen faucet.

One item that never is talked about is that of disposable diapers. Yes it is convenient to use them, but they are harmful to the environment. The plastic diapers are not easily degradable and harmful to the planet. It is better to use cloth diapers. Of course you might cringe at the idea, but today cloth diapers are a far cry from the ones your mother or even grandmother used back in the day. They are easy to use, an wash machine friendly. It also is cheaper than purchasing disposable diapers. Switching over to cloth diapers, saves you money while helping cut back on landfills full of diapers.

Another way to daily, is to swap out those paper bag lunches to reusable washable lunch boxes. Not only does it cut down on the amount of paper you use daily, but its an upgrade. Reusable lunch boxes keep food cooler for longer, are easy to wash and much easier to carry. Whether you will take it to work daily, or send your children off to school with them, it will save you money while helping out the planet by creating less need for paper goods.

There are many ways you can made daily changes that will impact the planet in reducing waste. For example, you can save money and waste by changing from disposable tissues to a handkerchief. Or cut dryers sheets in half and reuse them until they no longer work. Those ideas will both help the planet while saving you money. Every little bit helps, but to change out bad daily habits with better money and planet saving habits makes a difference. Vow today to change and continue to look for ways to help save the environment which will help you save money too.