If you need Clothing or textile recycling, we have a solution for you! We recycle clothing, fabric and textile, used clothing and much more!

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Clothing/Textile Recycling

clothingClothing Recycling - Clothing recycling is essential in the consumer goods industry. Everyone wears clothing and other textile products such as shoes, bags, hats,and glasses etc. Unfortunately the textile recycling industry does not get the attention it deserves.The consumption of textiles produces a lot of waste that could be recycled.  Only 15 percent of textiles get recycled.

fabricFabric and Textile Recycling Cotton is a common material that is recovered from clothing scraps and excess yarn that is left over and not needed by clothing manufacturers. Cotton items are shredded down into fibers for reuse.  The fibers are sometimes mixed with other types of textile fibers. After processing the fibers they are spun into yarns.  This recycled cotton is now ready to be weaved or knitted into new textile items or clothing.

used-clothingUsed Clothing - Used clothing can be made of cotton, synthetic material, denim, wool, post-consumer fibers and mill waste.  We help support the needy by providingused clothing to the homeless or donate to developing countries.It is through our efforts that the worlds poorest are clothed. Used clothing donations are accepted while large quantities of used clothing are preferred.

clothing-collection-eventUsed Clothing Collection Events - Used Clothing Drives are a great way to promote a Green, help people, and save the environment. Let us know of your preferred dates for the Used Clothing collection event so we can confirm the date. Next send out a fliers and e-mails announcing your Used Clothing Drive and the length of time for the event. Once youve collected the used clothing packed in tied plastic bags, we do the rest.

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