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metal recycling

We process scrap metal obtained from industrial and manufacturing industries and businesses, we also buy from other collectors and recyclers. We use the best scales for weighing the material. If your company produces enough metal scrap we can drop off containers or trailers at your facility and make scheduled pickups. We have 20, 30, and 40 yard containers. These containers are best for scrap steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other metals. Your metals are unloaded by one of our highly skilled metal handlers and taken to a scale to be weighed. We provide comprehensive reports for our clients which include everyone from manufacturing facilities to major demolition recycling projects. We service nationwide. Shredders at metal recovery plants process, separate, and sort recyclable metals down into small pieces. Free Recycling Quotes has a long history of providing beneficial relationships to businesses and hundreds of recycling mills, smelters and foundries.

Acceptable Metal Materials:

Aluminum Turnings
Baled Used Beverage Cans
Old Mixed Scrap Aluminum
Scrap Aluminum Auto Wheels
Scrap Aluminum Extrusions
Scrap Auto Transmissions
Scrap Bare Aluminum Wire
Scrap Cast Aluminum
Scrap Insulated Aluminum Wire
Scrap Mixed Irony Aluminum

Brass and Bronze
Brass Wire Nodules
Clean Brass Wire Scrap
Clean Scrap Auto Radiators
Mixed Brass & Bronze Scrap
New Brass Clips Scrap
Red Brass Turnings
Scrap Nickel Silver Solids
Scrap Old Yellow Brass
Scrap Red Brass Solids
Unclean Scrap Auto Radiators
Yellow Brass Turnings

Lead Dross
Lead Solder Scrap
Mixed Scrap Lead
Scrap Battery Lugs
Scrap Lead Battery Plates
Clean Motor Block Scrap
Flattened Scrap Car Bodies
Mixed Cast Iron Scrap
Mixed Scrap Iron & Steel
No.1 Steel Scrap (2 foot)
No.1 Steel Scrap (HMS1)
No.2 Steel Scrap
No.2 Steel Scrap (2 foot)
No.3 Steel Scrap (Unprepared Bushling)
No.4 Shredded Steel Scrap
Other Scrap Iron & Steel
Scrap Steel Wheel Rims
Sheet Iron Scrap (Sheet Tin)
Sorted Machine Cast Scrap
Sorted Scrap Automotive Cast
Unclean Motor Block Scrap
Whole Prepared Scrap Car Bodies

Heavy Scrap Copper #1 or 2
Soldered Copper Pipe Scrap
Light Scrap Copper
Copper Turnings
Bare BrightCopper Wire
Copper Wire Scrap
Copper Wire Nodules
Insulated Copper Wire Scrap
Copper Aluminium BX Cable Scrap
Copper Steel BX Cable Scrap
Scrap Copper Electric Motors
Other Scrap Copper