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recycling light bulbs in AtlantaTypes of Lightbulbs – There are two main types of bulbs that need recycling; compact fluorescents and fluorescent lamps.  Compact fluorescents include CFLs, HIDs (High Intensity Discharge), and circular lamps.  Fluorescent bulbs can include straight and U-bend bulbs and HIDs.  Light bulbs are made of a glass shell and contain a small amount of liquid and evaporated mercury, phosphor powder, and metal end-caps with heated filaments.  When an electric current passes through mercury vapor inside the bulb it generates ultraviolet energy. On the inside of a bulb a phosphor coating transforms the ultraviolet energy into visible light. A four- foot fluorescent bulb contains 5 to 50 mg. of mercury.


Atlanta light bulb recyclingLight Bulb Recycling - Every year over millions of fluorescent bulbs are disposed of in landfills amounting to an estimated 100,000 pounds of mercury waste.  Mercury-containing bulbs are hazardous substances. Recycling light bulbs is an easy way to keep hazardous waste products from your householdand business out of landfills. 


light bulb recycling company in AtlantaSelect Your Containers – Select what size container you need based on how many and what type bulbs you have. Each container comes with a pre-paid shipping label. Fill Containers with bulbs.  All containers are certified for safe storage and transport and have poly bag liners for your safety, and come with full instructions. Each time you recycle a Certificate of Recycling verifying your recycling history is sent to you.