what metals can be recycledIt is easy to recycle, in some cases. For example, paper recycling is so easy since there are recycling bins everywhere throughout your workplace. You recycle your aluminum cans, but what about other metals? Recycling is not always clear and cut when it comes to recycling metals. Just to simplify your life, you might just trash those metals because you don't want to deal with the confusion of which metals are which. There are many types of metals that can be recycled and others that cannot be recycled.

What Metals Can Be Recycled?

Copper is sometimes an overlooked metal that should be recycled. When you think of copper, think about plumbing pipes, some building materials, and even types of electrical wires. These are all acceptable types of copper that can be recycled. Of course, don't forget that sometimes jewelry is made out of copper, so send that with the pipes too. Copper is very easy to recycle, and it takes less resources to recycle it than to mine new copper.

Car batteries are on your list to recycle, but that counts as a type of metal recycling. Batteries contain lead. When lead is thrown into the dump, it will seep into the water system which hurts plant, animals, and even humans. Lead is deadly so it needs to be recycled. Other common material that contains lead are found in different types of equipment used in the medical and scientific industries. Even the small batteries in your remotes can cause lead poisoning, so remember to recycle them as well.

There are ways you can even make a few dollars off of recycling metals. Gold is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is also a precious metal. You can sell off your old gold and in effect, that is recycling metal. The old gold is melted down and formed into new jewelry or other items. And when talking about gold, don't forget that silver is a precious metal that can also be recycled and can earn you an extra bit of cash.

Aluminum soda cans are ubiquitous in the recycling world. Anywhere you turn, you can find a recycle bin to throw your soda can into, where it will taken to a recycling business. But did you know that aluminum is so quick and easy to recycle that from the time you put it into be recycled it can appear back on the shelves of the store within 2 months. It is worth your effort to find a recycle bin for your can soda. It pays back quickly to the environment.

Steel is another less recognized recycled metal. Since you don't own a contracting business, you might think you don't have any steel to recycle, but that is far from the truth. There are many appliances in your home that are made of steel and can be recycled. All can food is made of steel, so remember to recycle that can of beans, tuna fish, chicken, or soup. Also your oven, dishwasher and refrigerator can be recycled. Although with recycling your refrigerator, make sure that you properly drain and dispose of the liquids before you have a recycling company pick up and take it away.

Other types of steel that can be recycled are zinc, nickel, and gallium. Of course not all recycling companies will accept all types of metals. Check online, or call before you go so that you can have the right materials ready to be recycled. It is easier to recycle than it would be to try to clean and rebuild the Eco-system of the planet. Do your part by recycling metals.