recycling electronicsNo doubt you live in a technological advance society. From the car you drive to your digital watch you are surrounded by computers and other technological devices. It is guaranteed that you cannot live a day without using some sort of advance technology. Whether it is your cell phone or even the elevator you ride everyday that allows you to get downstairs from your forty story apartment building. Yet, like everything else you have, these new technological devices will break. So what are you going to do with them then? The obvious answer is to recycle them. Which brings the question, what electronics can be recycled?

First rule of thumb, is that if it is attached to your computer, or is your computer, it can be recycled. That means your CPU (Central Processing Units), monitors, keyboards, mouses, printer and other cables. You can include your laptop and television as well. These items are always accepted for recycling and you can find locations near you that will take them. Of course there are many other types of electronics that you can recycle more than just your computer related items and your television. Start thinking outside the box for electronics that you use daily that you can recycle when they are broken or when you have upgraded.

There were many great electronics that came out which were wonderful back in the day, but are obsolete today. For example, answering machines were the best invention when there were no other services for the average person. Now with the advent of cell phones, answering machines are worthless, even if they are still working. Well you can recycle them at most locations along with a pager that was also replaced by a cell phone. Plus all your cord or cordless home phones that you no longer need. And add to that list your old camcorders since your phone takes video in HD.

Mp3 players also have quickly changed over the impressive compact disc players. It is logical to assume that you can recycle your CD players and that includes your tape deck players and old radios. And yes your old stereo that is collecting dust in your storage closet. While you are there, think about recycling that outdated modem, electric typewriter, VCR and your old PDA. Most recycling places will accept all of these electronic devices. Before you start throwing them away in the trash or passing this junk on to your grandchildren. None of them will appreciate your old VCR or stereo.

Also don't forget to recycle your old fax machine, video games, duplicators, hard drives, printed circuit boards, and remote controls. Of course you might already know this, but just as a reminder, you can recycle old batteries and your old cell phones. There are a few items that seem like they should be accepted everywhere for recycling, but they are not. Some recycling place will take these items, but call ahead before dropping them off. Items such as microwaves, lamps, crock pots, toasters, refrigerators, smoke detector, wash machines, and vacuum cleaners. And if you have a question about it, call and ask before you throw it away.

Despite the fact that you might be constantly upgrading with the newest phone, computer, tablet or refrigerator, you should never throw away old electronics. Help out the planet by donating and recycling your old electronics. Those old items are more useful to be recycled than sitting in your garage taking a beating by the weather. Besides inheriting an old fax machine is not appealing. Save your children and grandchildren by recycling your old electronics while saving their future environment.