1. One step you can make to try and recycle batteries is to purchase rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries save resources and energy.
  2. Check the type of battery you are trying to recycle. There are many types of batteries such as alkaline, lithium, nickel-cadmium, and so forth. Of the many types of batteries, several of them are considered as hazardous waste and require proper disposal. Some examples are rechargeable, car, and button batteries. Others are perfectly safe to throw away with other household waste, although you should recycle them.
  3. Non-hazardous batteries can still be recycled. Certain companies and businesses will accept those batteries and recycle them. In some cases, you might be charged a fee and other times recycling batteries is free.
  4. Do not forget to recycle your rechargeable batteries from your cell phone, cordless phones, power tools, and other electronic devices. Before recycling those items remove the rechargeable battery. online resources make it easy to find a facility near your home that will accept the batteries for recycling. You can also take advantage of mail back recycling containers.
  5. Batteries from cars, motorcycles, ATV machines, and trucks all need to be recycled by taking them to place where the battery was purchased.