1. Rinse out any glass containers that have held food or liquid before recycling them. You can leave the labels on, but it also helps to pull them off for the recycling centers. Do not leave the metal lids on the glass containers when you go to recycle them. Instead put them in the scrap metal recycling pile. Some recycling centers will take glass with labels and lids, ask freerecyclingquotes.com for details.
  2. Brown tinted, green tinted and clear colored glass can all be recycled. Just rinse out the jars, beer bottles, or olive oil containers before you send them to be recycled.
  3. Not all glass items can be recycled. Call your recycling center to get a list of acceptable glass or not acceptable glass items. Some such items that are not always received for recycling include, mirrors, ceramics, window panes, light bulbs and drinking glasses.