1. Not all cardboard can be recycled. If the cardboard has been contaminated by food, it is not accepted for recycling. For example, you cannot recycle your pizza box, the grease stains cause problems in the recycling process. When food is on the cardboard it causes problems in breaking down the pulp.
  2. Boxes which are dried after being soaked with water are acceptable for recycling. Wet ones are acceptable as well, but for transporting and lifting it will be easier if the cardboard is dry.
  3. Empty all cardboard boxes of its contents. This includes peanuts, packing materials, staples and plastic wrap. Remove all trash from the cardboard box as well.
  4. Flatten all cardboard boxes that you plan to put in for recycling. That includes breaking down the boxes if they are glued or taped shut.
  5. Search for the nearest location to recycle your cardboard boxes.